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5 Things You Wanted to Know About Mojo Bags

Hand Made Increases the Energy of the Mojo Bag

For Christmas just past, my middle son hand sewed me a beautiful little mojo bag, and it is a priceless treasure to me. Having had it gifted, it means far more of worth and value to me than anything else. I include some treasures in my mojo bag, including some herbs for cleansing and repelling negative energies, and a few different crystals. Due to my son having made my mojo bag by hand, it increases the loving and protective energies emitted from the entire mojo bag.

Here are some crystals you may want to carry around with you.

Remember to take advantage of the full moon, and to cleanse your crystals.

Leave them out on a plate, under the light of the full moon, and these will cleanse your crystals energetically.

Rose Quartz is Great for Relationships

If you desire to have more love for yourself, and to bring more love into your life, having a rose quartz in your mojo bag will help you bring the desired soulmate or self-appreciation, respect and compassion into your life. Rose quartz is good for aiding to keep the heart chakra open, yet protected energetically.

Other benefits of Rose Quartz is that it encourages unconditional love, and restores harmony and balance into all relationships with those around you. A good crystal to carry around.

Rose Quartz also helps to heal past trauma and emotional wounds. Physically, rose quartz helps to maintain heart health, and benefits the circulatory system and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Green Aventurine

This beautiful stone is responsible for repelling negative energies, and for inspiring more creative energy. Particularly good for artists, and for those who are studying as it is thought to increase intelligence. An all round health promoting stone, it helps to promote general wellbeing.

Used often in money drawing spells, and kept in money drawers, with bills, and with lighting green candles to increase money and bring more positive energy and luck into the person’s life. This stone also helps to rebalance the heart chakra, and for people to work through unresolved emotional issues.


Talismans are specifically believed to be infused with powers other than for protection, such as bringing luck and money to the possessor. Talismans, such as those inscribed with the Keys of Solomon can bring the truth about what a person is like, make others bend over and conform to your will, and unearth various treasures.


Amulets are different, in that they are specifically infused with magical protection. It is of great benefit to the wearer, ensuring that negative energies and harmful thought forms are kept far away from these people.

Charms of Various Sorts

Some people take objects, perhaps sentimental ones, and infuse them with energy that creates a specific charm. These can include spirit dolls, worry dolls, Buddhist prayer beads and sprigs of herbs. Any of these can carry with them a particular intent, and aid in carrying through in a particular manifestation or desire.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet For Productive Champs with Children

easy social media marketing

What you need to be a social media legend


  • decent smart phone
  • apps: crowdshare, facebook pages manager, statusbrew, Instagram, pinterest, social media hashtags, snapseed, canva
  • android tablets or ipad minis for the kids to entertain them while you are doing your social media
  • multiple social media channels: Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
  • Crowdshare for suggested content
  • A video jockey from Fiverr for your vids on YouTube
  • occasional babysitter
  • play cafes nearby
  • gym membership (some gyms have creche programs)
  • nearby park with a fence and safe play equipment around it
  • 15 minutes four times per week

So, we are multifaceted wonderkids, and we love what we do, and building empires, saving the day, baking that awesome cake for the babies and planning that road trip, finally delivering on all the promises of a snow fight!

It takes grit, peeps!

Fortunately with the things like social media, you can cut corners.

Ok, so if you have an android, or iOS phone, you need to step one, download the following apps!

Social Media Hashtags.

This little gem means that you can stop having to wrack your brain for endless thumbing of your LCD keyboard, just click a few buttons and then add your #legendaryhashtags to instagram on the fly.

Status Brew

This saintly wonder of a program pushes all your awesome stuff to multiple social media accounts, and measures metrics. I road tested a few, Hootsuite shit me to tears too much, but this delivers ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES and you get a lotta bang for your buck.

Hook up around 8 different social media platforms, and push to them via Status Brew. Easy. Copy and paste your hashtags and stop stressing, you goddess! (or her favourite offsider!)

Instagram can be a bit of a shit, so expectedly somebody will burn down their gateways out of frustration one day, so that you can actually automatically line up 10,000 posts, and it will deliver your posts for #daysatatime

But, Instagram is about life, #contemporaeneously and living on the fly. So snap away in your awesome existence.

Make dud shit pretty. Spotted something cute and haven’t got the pix just right? You need Snapseed. It’ll fix the worst bloody shameful pix. Oh. and Canva, it is awesome for on the spot memes and shares.

Viral Content Via Vid

Video is something altogether requiring more of your time, but justifiably, allocate some of your marketing budget to some legends on, and get them to make wickedly viral sharing videos for your superb and sublime YouTube channel.

Working The Social Habit Into Your Busy (PRODUCTIVE) Schedule

So, social media should be a habit, and perchance you just simply want to work it around an already crazy busy existence and you have children, what you need to to is to carve out a multitasking arrangement several times per week, where you take the kids to the park and watch them while you push to social media with one hand on the swing, or grab some Android tablets from the supermarket or Geek, give them something to entertain them so they can do their own thing while you work your magick on social media.

The other thing to do, is if you aren’t particularly wanting a hard core workout, and you’re a gym member, jump on that treadmill and push to social media then whenever you go to the gym, and pair your social media habit of 15 minutes 4 or more times a week with your workout pre-resistance training.

Those tips are rocking awesome, and we are in development phase of where there will be bots to program to do it all for you, but honestly, it should be simple enough so you can load it all up, push to social media while you sit down to dinner, and keep the bubs entertained with some novelty for 15 minutes. Park, play cafe, while you’re on the loo if you are really desperate! or while you’re slogging away on the treadmill. Ensure at all times however the kiddies are foremost in your attention.

REMEMBER: have a plan

Before you really get hard core with your social media, it is also good to keep in mind some loose kind of plan like having some content ideas to share, or so forth. Or some kind of theme with your images. These should be market targeted (your fans will love it) and you can get instant content of an app called Crowdshare. Done and dusted 15 minutes a week.

Or outsource it 🙂

easy social media marketing
Waltz your day blissfully away and have zero stress with social media marketing
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Protecting Yourself Psychically and Spiritually: Crystal Grids

crystal grid protection

crystal grid protection

Download this printable template with instructions Crystals for Protection

Chaos Magick No Brainer Protection Ritual

When I first got into casting rituals, I didn’t think so much about whether or not it would really affect me or bother me or “have any side effects.” As a Chaos magick practitioner, pretty much you decide that anything goes and you monitor for the after effects. It’s pretty much a case of winging it, although now that I am actively casting spells and doing sorcery for other people, it means I have to be pretty cautious about the spiritual realm. I have a lot of sigils that King Solomon used hanging up in my home, keeping bad spirits away.

I also do a lot of space clearing and ensure that I keep myself well balanced, and prevent any kind of negative influence in my life, although I still have to catch myself and nullify negative words.

Salt is an incredibly powerful tool, and when my daughter and I performed a ritual to eradicate negative people from our lives, it blew away my ex, he was pretty much banished from my life in 24 hours. I also keep a smudge stick around, and practice Ho’oponopono in order to connect myself to the divine and do cleaning. All these methods help with psychic protection and space clearing.

Using Apps to Detective Negative Thought Forms and Add More Psychic Protection

There are apps that you can download onto your phone, and these can detect entities. Now: a quick disclaimer. Due to the universe and quantum theory, and our minds being scientifically proven to affect our reality, it is imperative that you open your mind to the belief of entities being detectable on your mobile phone. Thoughts become your reality, and so therefore the app will work, because you believe it works, and you will then be able to use the device the way it is intended.

Ghost Observer is an app that can be downloaded to Android phones (there may be something similar on iOS) and this is not necessarily a particular recommendation, and I don’t receive payment from the developers of the app, I simply use it as a tool. It detects ghosts by picking up vibrations in the atmosphere via sound and fuses them with images from your camera, sensing different frequencies of energy. This is based on research into entities and their frequencies that they exhibit.

Psychic Protection From Banishing Lower Entities

David Wilcock, a metaphysics researcher and ancient historian, explained in his TV series that when you come across an entity, you simply speak to it, and this app indicates whether the entity is a friendly form or a negative form. If it is a negative thought form, you need to eliminate it because it is feeding off the life force of your house and your self. They can often hook into you just upon your waking, that is why it is so important to include meditation as part of your waking ritual, regardless of when you decided to wake during the day. Also have your mind clear of negative thoughts prior to you going to bed to assure you of having a restful sleep.

When you detect an entity using an app, it is important to greet the entity, wish it love (in order to overcome and destroy it) and then send it on its way, telling it that it no longer serves your life purpose. You also need to declare that you will only allow positive loving thoughts, people and things into your life from now on, and everything else can be sent lovingly on its way. This is another effective way of ghost removal.

Crystals and Sigils Help Create Psychic Protection

Crystals, in combination with sigils form a time saving “technology,” as crystals align the quantum atmosphere around them, and can assist in providing protection from negative energies, and forbid negative people from coming into your life.

This exercise, when practised will help you to set your intention in keeping a strong and positive attitude, and also help engage your mind in mindfulness meditation. The Shamanic Wellness and Healing Bible discusses the power of meditation and its healing upon the brain.

You can download the template, and follow the instructions in order to create an atmosphere of positivity and protection from lower entities and negative people from coming into your life and home and disrupting your life.

The protection Sigil in the downloadable template is one of the Keys of Solomon that you can use easily to protect your home. I also make these as ornaments to hang in your home, available in my Etsy store.

Want a ghost removed? Contact me.

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Financial Abundance From Energetic Space Clearing

Using Space Clearing As a Ritual Will Bring Financial Abundance Into Your Home

Have you at any point entered a home where you promptly felt light and elevated? Or, then again have you had the experience of strolling into a room where the very environment left you feeling exhausted and depleted? Have you seen how a room feels after a contention has occurred? Did you detect the pressure and heaviness there?

These reactions can be clarified regarding the vitality of conditions. Each space has vitality. Your house isn’t just a composite of materials gathered for refuge, yet in addition each cubic centimeter of it – whether strong or apparently exhaust space – is made out of boundless streams of vitality.

When you enter a space that makes you instantly feel light and inspired or stroll into a room where the air abandons you feeling exhausted and depleted, you are reacting to the vitality of nature. At times vitality in a home or office can wind up noticeably stale and dull. At the point when this is the situation, you may feel drained and sluggish or wind up noticeably upset and furious.

3 Quick Tips to Clear the Space to Attract Abundance

Clearing the space is a vital advance in drawing in wealth. In the start of my Manifest 10K Course, I have individuals clear the vitality around their cash before they begin. Have you at any point seen how on the off chance that you clear a room and bring the furniture in one piece at any given moment it’s less demanding to make the space you need instead of moving everything around at the same time? It’s the same with your cash vitality. It’s less demanding to make more stream, better expectations and new convictions, when the old vitality of what was isn’t staying nearby.

Have you at any point seen when you go into a room that hasn’t been occupied for a spell, it feels stale and stuck? This is a similar thing that happens when your cash circumstance has been the same for a moment. Regardless of whether it’s been great and you need to enhance it, it’s a smart thought to clear the vitality to make space for the new to come in.

Here are some snappy and simple approaches to clear the vitality around your cash to expand the stream of wealth:

1.) Clapping-Clapping is a Feng Shui method used to separation stale vitality. (I utilize this when I have a counter that should be wiped off as well). It’s simple. Essentially applaud the zones where you handle or consider your cash. This can incorporate the PC you pay your bills from, the file organizer that houses your expense forms and bank articulations, where you keep your handbag or wallet, where you lay the change on your bureau, your in house dream investment account, your telephone in the event that you pay bills from your telephone. My bank articulations are on the web, so I’ll even open them up and applaud that vitality.

Simply applaud until the point when it feels like you’re done. It’s difficult to clarify the sensation, however you’ll know.

2.) Smudging-in the event that you have a feeling that you need considerably additionally clearing, after you’ve separated the vitality by applauding get out the smudge stick and smear similar zones.

3.) Tidy up the region wipe out your tote, compose your work area, dispose of papers you never again require.

Do one of these or each of the three. You may even need to include at least one into a month to month schedule, particularly in case you’re chipping away at amping up your cash vibe. The cleaner the vitality, the less demanding it is to make new considerations, convictions and more cash.

Financial Abundance Comes From Acting As If

Millionaires have tidy well kept environments. If you wish to life off feelings of depression and helplessness, it is important to perceive a clean and well maintained environment by ensuring that you keep it clean, removing clutter and only keeping those things that give you joy. Living as if you are wealthy will ensure that you become wealthy. Space clearing is a healthy and effective way to push your way to financial freedom. 

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Magical Objects For Luck

magical objects like dreamcatchers work to bring breakthroughs

People Can Charge Magical Objects to Reach Their Goals

Researchers now concur that as indicated by the laws of quantum mechanics, matter can be in two places in the meantime. It can even be a large number of lights years separated and still be associated without physical contact. Researchers additionally concur that there are various different measurements and fields of presence past our own. Magical objects amplify the power of our intentions.

Ancient Magi Used Magical Objects to Bring Luck

The people of yore might not have completely comprehended our new investigation of quantum mechanics; be that as it may they did totally see how they could master the properties of the spiritual realmsfor their own particular advantage. They called this profound vitality Magi, which implied incomparable astuteness. The Wise-men who rehearsed this antiquated science ended up plainly known as the MAGI. These ministers of nature made charms to saddle the concealed and exceptionally useful otherworldly powers of the Cosmos for the advantage of all mankind. The antiquated Magi trusted that favorable luck and even awesome security had the capacity to store itself in a magical object or charm and that it could be charged with intention by its creator, and a shaman. The Magi classified the different sorts of favorable luck into: Luck with cash, Luck in adoration, Luck in vocation and so on what’s more, made intense charms permeated with divine Cosmic vitality. They were additionally inbued with  by the heavenly names of the celestial powers having matchless quality over the profound success that they gave their owners.

Magical Objects Are Charged and Primed to Bring Success

All charms selected carefully here for their worth and value, and magical objects sold to you by the Stormwind Shaman are charged by our own committed Mystic Adept in full understanding of the unique value of magical objects as set around the Magi of more than 4,000 years back. The Cosmic vitality contained inside our charms can move inside time and space to make whatever is required for its owner to accomplish a cheerful, effective and abundant natural life. We are convinced that these objects and charms are the best mysterious things on the planet today and for this very reason we are confident about offering these with our iron clad assurance of your success.

Special Charms Include Sacred Geometry To Call Prosperity

It ought to be noticed that our blessed magic pendants are not just silver circles. Our charms pick up their effective supernatural capacity straightforwardly from the heavenly names of the Angelic creatures and the exceedingly profound Qabalah formulae of sacrosanct divine words inserted into the metal of every charm. It is an outstanding truth, that spiritualists, mystics and shamans have since quite a while ago respected that the straightforward demonstration of coming into physical contact with any heavenly thing will help make life upgrading favors and advantages. Every one of our charms are genuinely heavenly things which have been made by our own Adept to go about as an Angelic otherworldly suit of shield for the prosperity, favorable luck and assurance of their proprietors. We select talismans and magical objects for the worth of their sacred geometry.

You don’t have to accept or have confidence for your charm to work. It is guaranteed that the energy of charms depends altogether on the confidence their proprietors put in them. In any case, this hypothesis is completely invalidated by involvement; our charms have been appeared to work notwithstanding when their proprietors are incredulous or even ignorant of their Angelic reason. They succeed in light of the fact that they are genuine blessed enlivened by the heavenly Angelic names and consecrated expressions of creation inserted into the metal. Responsibility for or a greater amount of our heavenly charms go about as a profound vaccination to incredibly lessen and repulse extreme disaster and misfortune.

There is scientific proof that magical objects and talismans work.

Buy this magical object to bring you luck

Read more on Talismans for Successful Breakthroughs

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Talisman For Success Breakthroughs

Talismans help create abundance. This Sacred Geometry Talisman creates wellbeing transformation and abundance.

Steps to Breakthrough Using Talisman and Other Tools

For centuries people have used a talisman to breakthrough to success, and pull themselves out of a bad situation. When combined with other modern tools, this will amplify and radiate total overwhelming mastery and conquest over a bad situation.

  • Change your story, tell yourself something that will adjust you to a state of empowerment.
  • Put yourself down in a state of mind that gets to success mastery
  • Focus on what you can control, what is possible and become resourceful
  • Master the meaning out of the situation, be a person of power and stay in a state of belief that will focus you on things that are positive and empowering
  • Get the right strategy
  • Focus on habit development, persist and keep on going
  • Use a talisman to create a reminder of success and to draw abundance prosperity and luck to you
  • Listen to podcasts like Tony Robbins every single day to create a success mindset
  • Use affirmations to know you are a winner
  • Use Shaman healing services to help clear your memories, problems and negative mindsets

These tools will help you champion yourself through to an incredible breakthrough

Buy Tony Robbins Book

This book will help you to

  • get the right strategies to succeed
  • eliminate bad patterns
  • get to the truth of what is not succeeding in your life
  • allow you to win in life
  • get on top of bad situations
  • reframe your perspective into healthy mindsets

In order to fuse in spiritual success to your endeavours, this talisman will draw luck and prosperity to you.

Purchase this talisman in order to create your abundance mindset and remind you of spiritual values.

Talismans help create abundance. This Sacred Geometry Talisman creates wellbeing transformation and abundance.

How Using a Talisman to Remind You Of Success Will Push You Through To Personal Breakthrough

In the event that you need accomplishment as a business person or achievement in trimming your waistline, the techniques are the same. Your prosperity is eventually controlled by the choices you make day by day, also called your propensities. Create fruitful propensities with these particular methods and accomplish the objectives you set.

Set clear, particular objectives that are critical to you. In the event that you set objectives that aren’t imperative to you, you aren’t probably going to accomplish them. Ensure you are genuinely enthusiastic about the objectives you set. Concentrate on just a couple at any given moment. While it’s extraordinary to have a rundown of objectives, you can have more achievement on the off chance that you think your vitality toward a few at any given moment. Depict your objectives with specifics so you can get clear in your psyche on your goal. Unclear objectives mean obscure outcomes. After you have distinguished your best objectives, include why it’s essential for you to accomplish each. Beginning is regularly where many individuals stall out, so make a point to connect to the enthusiastic draw of every objective, to push you enthusiastically. Also, bear in mind: “The contrast between a fantasy and an objective is a due date.”

Use Discipline and Habit To Create a Winners State of Mind

Pick discipline over your temperament. Suppose you just worked out on days when you woke up feeling refreshed, marvelous and in an upbeat state of mind. In the event that your exercises are reliant upon you being in a cheerful state, they aren’t probably going to happen frequently. Choose the activities you will take and finish in spite of your mind-set. When you practice when you don’t feel like it, you are working out your teach muscle as well. You will be glad for keeping your duties. This same mindset works for any objective. In the event that you are beginning your site for your new private venture and handle ventures you fear, you will develop your train. Keep in mind, it won’t really be less demanding tomorrow unless you do it today. At whatever point you have a craving for stopping, consider why you began in any case.

Make an example of consistency. Nobody needs to remind you to go to bed during the evening or brush your teeth, correct? That is on the grounds that you have made those propensities programmed. What different propensities would you be able to make programmed? Perhaps it’s cardio exercises on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and quality preparing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Possibly every morning you take a hour and research another online networking system to advance your new business. Think of propensities that help your objectives and make them programmed so you can make day by day, reliable advance. Industriousness supersedes ability, hereditary qualities and good fortune. There can be no genuine progress without it.

Use Goal Monitoring to Keep You on Track Towards Success

Keep tabs on your development. When you set your objectives, have a few benchmarks to evaluate how you are getting along. It’s anything but difficult to be amped up for another objective before all else, yet your outcomes rely upon the moves you make every day. Toward the begin of another month, perceive how you are getting along. What is working? What isn’t? Decide how to accomplish a greater amount of what’s attempting to assist your advance. When you frequently keep tabs on your development, there’s a special reward, you remain associated with your objectives. The motivation behind why individuals surrender so quick is on account of they tend to take a gander at how far regardless they need to go, rather than perceiving the advance they have effectively made.

Your Talisman Will Remind You To Stay On Track

Be creative to help your objectives. Has another person effectively accomplished what you need to accomplish? Research the achievement propensities for others and fuse those propensities into your own particular life. Answers and data encompass you; you should simply take advantage of it and apply what you figure out how to your life.

A talisman will remind you to stay focused and stay on track. You can use it as a tool to remind you to also focus on clearing your negative energies through Ho’oponopono. Buy this book to learn about habit mastery.


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Blue Solar Water Tutorial

Blue Solar Water Represents the Fusion of the Healing Power of the Sun and Blue Spirit Energy

One of the ways to heal and to cleanse away negative energies is to use blue solar water. The practitioners of Ho’oponopono recommend that people drink blue solar water in order to cleanse away negative programming. Healing practitioners who use colour therapy use blue in order to realign the throat chakra. Blue is related to communication, expression and the spirit of truth and purpose. 

The methodologies of healing are calming, healing and relaxing. It stimulates healing in the endocrine glands and upper abdomen. It is also important for the release of toxic energies. Negativity and toxic energies can create stress around us, which if not dealt with and cleansed away, will lead to difficulty stress and illness.

Blue Solar Water Relieves Distress

Blue Solar Water gently releases toxic energies and bad programming from us. It takes the healing energy of the blue light, and when charged by the sun, fuses solar energy to gently soothe away and release some negative entities, thought forms and bad soul ties. The only thing that is left is positive energies. It is recommended to do this at least morning and evening.

You Can Make Blue Solar Water With This Tutorial

Blue cobalt glass bottles are recommended for this process, but it is possible to use normal glass bottles. You can wrap your glass bottle in blue cellophane. Fill the glass bottle with water, then leave in the sun for around an hour. You can then refrigerate the water in order to cool it prior to drinking it which is recommended.

People have felt much better and given testimonials about how drinking Blue Solar Water has enabled them to eradicate toxic energies and allowed them to part way with the negative energies and promote wellbeing, health and healing.

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Clear Negative Thoughts

Image of a shaman standing in the ocean getting guidance from the other realms

Self Sabotage Comes From Negative Thought Patterns

Negative thought patterns cause people a lot of grief. They lead to a host of problems, including financial, relational, spiritual, health and addiction problems. Negative thought patterns can be systematically removed through a committed mindset of engaging with a therapist or life coach in cognitive behavioural therapy. Bad programming results from parents and other people in our lives having pushed limiting beliefs onto us, causing dysfunction and stress in our adult lives.

The beliefs that we are programmed with as a child result in what we become as an adult, and as an adult, once we realised that these old thought problems no longer serve us, we can become healthier, whole and more successful adults. Ho’oponopono is a healing process that originated in Hawaii, and has been taught internationally. It helps erase all former programs and data that has come to no longer serve in your life.

Shaman Healing Services Speed Up Mental Healing Processes and Improve Results from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Ho’oponopono speeds up the process of cognitive behavioural therapy rapidly, and when a person attends a shamanic healing service either by video link (such as Skype, Messenger or Google Hangouts) or in person, to receive spiritual healing, their confronting problems are brought to the surface, and through both talk therapy and Ho-oponopono their negative thought processes, depression and anxiety are erased through the process of cleaning, which is performed by the shaman over the person. Many people who have received Ho’oponopono healing have reported much more success, health, prosperity and financial breakthroughs than through cognitive behavioural therapy or other methods.

Ho’oponopono was responsible for the closing of a psychiatric ward that no longer exists, because the therapy that was performed there healed all of the patients. The criminally insane patients were cleared on by Dr Hew Len, and he was contacted later by Dr Joe Vitale in order to write a book, and then a course was later created for certification of Ho’oponopono.

When combined with other healing modalities, including detoxification, drinking blue solar water, having the home environment and other personal objects and workplace cleaned, it can create a significantly more positive impact on a person’s life and their way of thinking. People become more successful, happier and enjoy life significantly more through being worked on by a shaman who practices Ho’oponopono. This will help clear negative thoughts and create a better way of life for a person. Image of a shaman standing in the ocean getting guidance from the other realms


Financial Problems Can Be Eliminated Through Removing Money Blocks

A lot of people have limiting beliefs that restrict them to one particular way of thinking, and they cannot get away from that mode of thinking. They have not been shown that there is another way of life, and this creates in them a desperation because they cannot see a way out of their problems. It is important to clear negative thoughts in order to have better beliefs and a better relationship with money.

Visiting a shaman who will conduct a consultation and design a healing process to enable you to be coached through having all of your financial problems eradicated and assist you in creating a healthy thought process in regard to money will help you create a better lifestyle.

Clients who have had businesses that have been cleared on using shamanic healing methods have experienced breakthroughs including ongoing income, a new release of clients, a huge increase in the number of enquiries, and this is also created in the dual reality of ongoing business coaching in order to help the client succeed if that is what they sincerely desire. Shamanic healing and other methods were used to help people clear negative thoughts.

Other ways that people have been assisted are:

  • having had shamanic healing prayer and rituals for the person, negative people and toxic energies have stayed away
  • people have maintained healing after receiving both western treatment and shamanic healing
  • couples who wanted babies were able to go through emotional healing in order to ready themselves to become parents
  • women who have been counselled who were formerly in domestic violence situations have been able to leave these situations and realise their own inherent worth and value
  • children have developed better relationships with their parents after getting clear negative thoughts in the family
  • people have experienced better health and overall life enjoyment
  • business owners and people wanting career changes have been able to be encouraged to be successful and go on towards this
  • people have reported their homes feeling better after receiving a home blessing and cleansing
  • business owners have attracted more money and got better client contracts after receiving shamanic healing


Energetic Clearing Removes Negative Thought Processes

Having a shamanic healing ritual involves very gentle coaching, and healing at a very deep level. It is regarding erasing the poor mental programming that results in a spiralling effect which can lead to a severe state of depression and distress.

The clearing process involved in Ho’oponopono is about helping people get back to a state of inspiration, and of completion and healing, and having peace within themselves, their thought processes and then with their outer worlds. Shamanic healing will clear negative thoughts.


Relieve Depression Through Removing Negative Thought Processes via Ho’oponopono

Depression results from extended periods of stress, chronic pain and distress. Family circumstances may have changed, or financial situations may have caused a person to fall into a period of difficulty, and this can be further cemented and the cycle of dysfunction perpetuated from negative thoughts persisting in the brain.

When a person wants to have their depression eased, and combines this with holistic therapies including shamanic healing as a support to supervision by a medical practitioner, ensuring that they see an exercise physiologist, some life coaching, and also receive counselling and nutritional support, perhaps also some time off this will result in significant healing.

Exercise, good nutrition, and engaging in spiritual practices have been shown to clearly help alleviated depression alongside with traditional pharmaceutical preparations.

Ho’oponopono is an incredible career opportunity for those considering becoming life coaches and healers, and Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len have created a course to enable people to use Ho’oponopono as part of their shamanic practice. 




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Attract Money Now

Dr Joe Vitale was in the movie The Secret, made by Rhonda Byrne. He is a published writer, Internet Celebrity, social media influencer and is focused on spiritual business. That is, the integration of spiritual values with business principles, and creating wealth through the helping and healing of others.

His free e-book Attract Money Now is available here. 

I have found him to be an incredible writer, and his courses have helped me overcome a lot of obstacles and avoid being triggered. It was one morning that I received an email from my ex fiance who choked me and damaged my neck, that I received an email about doing a course, that Dr Joe Vitale had offered, and it has opened the door to my dream of being a healer.

I am studying Ho’o’oponopono Certification and will be providing healing and cleansing to anyone who approaches me to do this, and this is more aligned with my spiritual business principles.

Perhaps there are some underlying money blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back financially, and my shaman healing services could help you. There will be more about this upcoming services in later articles.