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Getting More Work – Freelance Work Challenges

So, I signed up for Dr Joe Vitale’s Remembering Process course. In it he talks about journalling what you remember being in your future. You have to do the course if you want to keep on progressing towards what can be.

It is indeed a process, and since reading the book, The One Thing, I have settled in my mind that what is the one thing I can do this day in order to progress my life. There are a few things I attend to daily, and it has removed some of the process of procrastination.

There is the principle of do it now, and also when a certain group of clients have work finish off, and projects get completed, it is important to start sourcing other work. Today that is what I have been doing, making applications for work in freelance in a variety of different areas.

I have picked up some freelance writing jobs for copywriting, for feature article writing, and blog marketing. I do a bit of social media promotion, ad marketing and creating digital videos.

I am learning the subtle art of budgeting too!

I worked out what my expenses were, and I think that I have to hit some income targets every week, due to being on the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, I can earn a certain amount of money and it is there to assist my business become viable. I am working towards those income targets, and that is where fishing for clients becomes really essential.

Being an entrepreneur is indeed always a challenge, and there are so many courses going on how to make money. I do sign up and pay for courses from people like Dr Joe Vitale, because his story resonates and is real. He makes a lot of sense, and how he does things is unconventional but it seems to work.

Earning money is really about setting yourself free from your own limitations and understanding your own self-worth. I did some free work for a client today, and she and I have the understanding that we take care of one another when we can.

I also am working now at a second job, doing telephone counselling, and it is actually pretty awesome. Something I really enjoy. The money from the second job goes into savings. So, I fished around for a bunch of clients today, and followed up on some old leads. There will be some work there for it next week, and the budget as it came in, it got allocated for savings, bills and other things like necessities.

I have three children, so I have to budget for their provision as well. This weekend we are celebrating Halloween, and the party budget has been allocated. I have started developing the habit of putting money into various places where it is needed, and I think that it is coming together a lot better. I am sure it will all work out and I am grateful. Grateful for my clients, grateful for working from home, and grateful for having a second source of income in order to build savings, and grateful for things like the remembering course.


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How to Manifest Anything You Want

Ever been confused by The Secret, I read the entire series, and it was awesome, and I am grateful for it.

Wish Granted is one of the first books I have read (and published) that lays out a step-by-step guide in to how to manifest things that you want in your life.

Some of the things I have encountered are:

  • Being grateful for your life the way that it currently is, and this brings more good
  • Creating the space in your life for good things to show up (like demonstrating to the universe that you have packed some boxes ready to move, or made space in your closet for a man)
  • Using a vision board
  • Using mantras
  • Massive action – meaning that you focus on taking inspired action through your intuition as to how to ensure that what you want comes about. If you are looking for a new car, start saving for it, or if you want to lose weight, buy smaller clothes, and seek dietary and exercise advice
  • Goal setting
  • It is about how you put manifestation into action
  • For me, with my house, I have driven up the street, chosen a block, started saving money into a savings account, looked for solicitors for conveyancing, found an architect … the universe will bring those things to you. Take care of what you have, and in doing so you will be brought more.
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Decorating the Rental

So, I checked out Rose Wholesale, and they had these amazing wall tapestries … the rental house I am in is a cute little place, but my bedroom really needs a makeover.

So, post divorce and life being back on the mend, I fully want to build a place. My house is going to be pretty epic; it’s a loft home designed by an architect.

The bed I have in my room I picked up off a second hand site, and paid it off over a few weeks. It is a shabby chic style hardwood white bed and has four posts and being knocked around suits the beach style.

I bought a white locker from Kmart, and I am going to change to curtains and add some rugs to the floor to make a little more chic. This week has seen me tidy up a bit more, and I submitted my Master’s Thesis hypothesis about how powerful it is to set your intention, and the benefit you get from setting up a sacred space. This week I got my apothecary oils and perfume from The Art of The Root.

Burning incense helps clear away negative thoughts and angst from the atmosphere in your home, and every morning I have been engaging in a candle meditation in order to set my intention better for the day. Things have been going pretty well, and in a structured order that I am happy with.

So, I’ll update my bedroom when it all arrives, but so far I am pretty happy with The Art of the Root to help create some ambience, and looking forward to what Rose Wholesale have to send. I spotted some floor cushions on another website that I wouldn’t mind, but all in good time.

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How to Save on Groceries

I purchased Jodie Allen’s book on saving money on groceries recently, The $50 Grocery Shop. I know she started the Stay at Home Mum Blog a number of years ago and has been a wild success. I belong to The Cheapskates Club, a membership club on how to save money. I am always keen to be frugal, but I have needed to develop the habit of saving something from every single pay. Managing a freelancing business, and paying for children’s food, education, healthcare and other entertainment can be expensive, so I am keen to follow an economical but nutritious eating plan.

I went grocery shopping this morning for a few things, and itemised what I needed before I went. As you can see, I went to the “expensive” local supermarket just here on the island, and bought generic things where I could. It came to about $40, and I have posted the receipt here.

This shopping list more or less comes out of Jodie Allen’s book, and already having had a few meals in the freezer, I have the ability to do some bulk cooking and some other things in order to make life a little easier with children.

My Significant Other, he put me onto Cheese Toasties, and he does his in the frypan with cheese and butter, and I have become somewhat fond of these. In the morning with pod coffee (one of life’s little luxuries); and after meditation, the day is set.

Frying up a cheese toastie Jason style =)

Tonight I will be making tuna patties out of mashed potato, and mixed frozen vegetables. I will serve these with coleslaw, and it will mean I have something to eat tomorrow while I go to class.

Here are some other tips I have found to make groceries go a little further, particularly with picky children.

  • Have single serve containers of pre-cooked meals ready to defrost in the microwave, also good when you are a single mother and need to eat after work or a long day, or not everyone wants to eat the same thing
  • Ensure you have a crate of bulk milk from Aldi or generic ones from Woolworths or Coles, milk is a complete protein food, so is good to have on standby, if you are devoid of everything else, drink milk * watch for lactose intolerance
  • Always have eggs on standby, they can make a meal, be put in a cake, fried for breakfast, made into an omelette, or a Japanese pancake (okonomyaki)
  • Have some basic appliances like a stand mixer, blender, stick blender, food processor and some other items like a slow cooker to make life a little easier
  • Ensure you have plenty of frozen dinner containers (I buy mine from Kmart and they are dishwasher and freezer and microwave proof)
  • For bulk fruit, peel it, stew it and turn it into really delicious strudels or pastries for something different
  • For citrus, juice it and freeze it
  • Turn overripe bananas into smoothies
  • Before your vegetables get really sad, put them into a soup, with some chicken thigh fillets and stock, then divvy up and freeze as easy meals
  • Snacks such as wafer biscuits and other things can be found on the lower shelves of the supermarket, also look for day-old bread and buns to eat, some second hand charity stores offer free bread
  • If necessary call the local charity to get a food hamper
  • I keep frozen vegetables on hand to ensure nutrition
  • I often have long life apple juice as a treat, as well as water, herbal tea, and coffee
  • Avoid sugar when you can, your immune system will vastly improve
  • Go to mutual friends houses for coffee rather than eating out at a cafe
  • Ensure you eat before you go grocery shopping
  • Put food away as soon as you come home to avoid food poisoning
  • Do once a month cooking
  • Have an idea of a menu so that you don’t have to think everything through all the time
  • Some tinned meats are acceptable for meals and casseroles
  • Turn leftovers into pet food
  • Encourage your children to help you cook and clean in the kitchen, it encourages them to be less fussy, and to also appreciate your effort more.



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Building a Dream Home


My Dream House from Lori Woodward on Vimeo.

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I’ll be making a documentary and a book about how I went about the process of building the home, and want to start a foundation to help other single mothers to build a home for their children also.