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Social Media Cheat Sheet For Productive Champs with Children

easy social media marketing

What you need to be a social media legend


  • decent smart phone
  • apps: crowdshare, facebook pages manager, statusbrew, Instagram, pinterest, social media hashtags, snapseed, canva
  • android tablets or ipad minis for the kids to entertain them while you are doing your social media
  • multiple social media channels: Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
  • Crowdshare for suggested content
  • A video jockey from Fiverr for your vids on YouTube
  • occasional babysitter
  • play cafes nearby
  • gym membership (some gyms have creche programs)
  • nearby park with a fence and safe play equipment around it
  • 15 minutes four times per week

So, we are multifaceted wonderkids, and we love what we do, and building empires, saving the day, baking that awesome cake for the babies and planning that road trip, finally delivering on all the promises of a snow fight!

It takes grit, peeps!

Fortunately with the things like social media, you can cut corners.

Ok, so if you have an android, or iOS phone, you need to step one, download the following apps!

Social Media Hashtags.

This little gem means that you can stop having to wrack your brain for endless thumbing of your LCD keyboard, just click a few buttons and then add your #legendaryhashtags to instagram on the fly.

Status Brew

This saintly wonder of a program pushes all your awesome stuff to multiple social media accounts, and measures metrics. I road tested a few, Hootsuite shit me to tears too much, but this delivers ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES and you get a lotta bang for your buck.

Hook up around 8 different social media platforms, and push to them via Status Brew. Easy. Copy and paste your hashtags and stop stressing, you goddess! (or her favourite offsider!)

Instagram can be a bit of a shit, so expectedly somebody will burn down their gateways out of frustration one day, so that you can actually automatically line up 10,000 posts, and it will deliver your posts for #daysatatime

But, Instagram is about life, #contemporaeneously and living on the fly. So snap away in your awesome existence.

Make dud shit pretty. Spotted something cute and haven’t got the pix just right? You need Snapseed. It’ll fix the worst bloody shameful pix. Oh. and Canva, it is awesome for on the spot memes and shares.

Viral Content Via Vid

Video is something altogether requiring more of your time, but justifiably, allocate some of your marketing budget to some legends on, and get them to make wickedly viral sharing videos for your superb and sublime YouTube channel.

Working The Social Habit Into Your Busy (PRODUCTIVE) Schedule

So, social media should be a habit, and perchance you just simply want to work it around an already crazy busy existence and you have children, what you need to to is to carve out a multitasking arrangement several times per week, where you take the kids to the park and watch them while you push to social media with one hand on the swing, or grab some Android tablets from the supermarket or Geek, give them something to entertain them so they can do their own thing while you work your magick on social media.

The other thing to do, is if you aren’t particularly wanting a hard core workout, and you’re a gym member, jump on that treadmill and push to social media then whenever you go to the gym, and pair your social media habit of 15 minutes 4 or more times a week with your workout pre-resistance training.

Those tips are rocking awesome, and we are in development phase of where there will be bots to program to do it all for you, but honestly, it should be simple enough so you can load it all up, push to social media while you sit down to dinner, and keep the bubs entertained with some novelty for 15 minutes. Park, play cafe, while you’re on the loo if you are really desperate! or while you’re slogging away on the treadmill. Ensure at all times however the kiddies are foremost in your attention.

REMEMBER: have a plan

Before you really get hard core with your social media, it is also good to keep in mind some loose kind of plan like having some content ideas to share, or so forth. Or some kind of theme with your images. These should be market targeted (your fans will love it) and you can get instant content of an app called Crowdshare. Done and dusted 15 minutes a week.

Or outsource it 🙂

easy social media marketing
Waltz your day blissfully away and have zero stress with social media marketing