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Blue Solar Water Tutorial

Blue Solar Water Represents the Fusion of the Healing Power of the Sun and Blue Spirit Energy

One of the ways to heal and to cleanse away negative energies is to use blue solar water. The practitioners of Ho’oponopono recommend that people drink blue solar water in order to cleanse away negative programming. Healing practitioners who use colour therapy use blue in order to realign the throat chakra. Blue is related to communication, expression and the spirit of truth and purpose. 

The methodologies of healing are calming, healing and relaxing. It stimulates healing in the endocrine glands and upper abdomen. It is also important for the release of toxic energies. Negativity and toxic energies can create stress around us, which if not dealt with and cleansed away, will lead to difficulty stress and illness.

Blue Solar Water Relieves Distress

Blue Solar Water gently releases toxic energies and bad programming from us. It takes the healing energy of the blue light, and when charged by the sun, fuses solar energy to gently soothe away and release some negative entities, thought forms and bad soul ties. The only thing that is left is positive energies. It is recommended to do this at least morning and evening.

You Can Make Blue Solar Water With This Tutorial

Blue cobalt glass bottles are recommended for this process, but it is possible to use normal glass bottles. You can wrap your glass bottle in blue cellophane. Fill the glass bottle with water, then leave in the sun for around an hour. You can then refrigerate the water in order to cool it prior to drinking it which is recommended.

People have felt much better and given testimonials about how drinking Blue Solar Water has enabled them to eradicate toxic energies and allowed them to part way with the negative energies and promote wellbeing, health and healing.

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