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Decorating the Rental

So, I checked out Rose Wholesale, and they had these amazing wall tapestries … the rental house I am in is a cute little place, but my bedroom really needs a makeover.

So, post divorce and life being back on the mend, I fully want to build a place. My house is going to be pretty epic; it’s a loft home designed by an architect.

The bed I have in my room I picked up off a second hand site, and paid it off over a few weeks. It is a shabby chic style hardwood white bed and has four posts and being knocked around suits the beach style.

I bought a white locker from Kmart, and I am going to change to curtains and add some rugs to the floor to make a little more chic. This week has seen me tidy up a bit more, and I submitted my Master’s Thesis hypothesis about how powerful it is to set your intention, and the benefit you get from setting up a sacred space. This week I got my apothecary oils and perfume from The Art of The Root.

Burning incense helps clear away negative thoughts and angst from the atmosphere in your home, and every morning I have been engaging in a candle meditation in order to set my intention better for the day. Things have been going pretty well, and in a structured order that I am happy with.

So, I’ll update my bedroom when it all arrives, but so far I am pretty happy with The Art of the Root to help create some ambience, and looking forward to what Rose Wholesale have to send. I spotted some floor cushions on another website that I wouldn’t mind, but all in good time.