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Attract Money Now

Dr Joe Vitale was in the movie The Secret, made by Rhonda Byrne. He is a published writer, Internet Celebrity, social media influencer and is focused on spiritual business. That is, the integration of spiritual values with business principles, and creating wealth through the helping and healing of others.

His free e-book Attract Money Now is available here. 

I have found him to be an incredible writer, and his courses have helped me overcome a lot of obstacles and avoid being triggered. It was one morning that I received an email from my ex fiance who choked me and damaged my neck, that I received an email about doing a course, that Dr Joe Vitale had offered, and it has opened the door to my dream of being a healer.

I am studying Ho’o’oponopono Certification and will be providing healing and cleansing to anyone who approaches me to do this, and this is more aligned with my spiritual business principles.

Perhaps there are some underlying money blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back financially, and my shaman healing services could help you. There will be more about this upcoming services in later articles.