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Consultation Information and Bio

Stormwind Shaman Healing Services were created to fulfil a need for people to receive access to a variety of services not typically available in western society. Consultations are available for one on one appointment. Group therapy coaching to other programs can be referred to appropriate agencies.

Cerridwyn, the magical name of the StormWind Shaman has been practicing shamanism since she was a child.

Lori V Woodward is her western name, and Lori has come from a long line of people who practice magick and healing rituals. Her grandmother was a natural shaman, who divined water and was also incredibly financially abundant, and was able to perform rituals of healing and blessing rites for her children and family.

Lori V Woodward’s great grandfather was a grand master wizard who called upon various magickal forces in order to create a system of prosperity for himself and others, and his family lineage has passed down to Lori and her three children who are also learning the arts of healing and shamanism. Lori’s mother was a talented spiritual reader, and friends and family consulted her for spiritual advisory and also in business matters.

Cerridwyn is studying her PhD in metaphysics through the University of Sedona, studying how daily ritual, and how the path of integration between practical matters and spiritual values can lead to a balanced and successful life. Lori has written books (under pen names) on metaphysics and also anxiety management, and desires to help people live more financially successful, and flourishing lives.

Lori cites Dr Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Joyce Meyer, and other influences as positive in her own spiritual development, and conducts daily self-cleansing and grounding in order to be able to provide Shaman Healing Services.

Consultations are provided via email, Skype, Messenger, Google Hangouts or face to face, and consultations are for one hour, $150 USD per consultation. A variety of assistance can be provided to help people towards their goals. StormWind Shaman is undergoing certification for Ho’oponopono, a shamanic practice originating in Hawaii, and this assists people in having clearing of negative thoughts, influences and energies in order to restore them to a perfect balance in life.

lori woodward stormwind shaman

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