shaman healing services are beneficial for many aspects of life

Shaman Healing Services

Shaman Healing Services offer a range of help for people in a range of every day situations. Shamans have been present in cultures all over the world for thousands of years, assisting people with various problems. Western culture has begun to embrace the joy and sustenance spiritually that a shaman can bring, and this means that healing is now becoming integrated with wellness and traditional western practices. Prayer and other spiritual rituals, including energy clearing have become widely accepted as an adjunct to normal orthodox western medicine practice, and other forms of life coaching such as financial planning and goal setting.

Shaman healing services do one on one consultations in order to design a strategy that will help with the following areas:

  • life coaching
  • goal setting
  • business goals
  • wealth acceleration
  • health and nutrition
  • weight loss and fitness
  • financial success
  • elimination of debt
  • entrepreneuring
  • creating a successful passive income
  • assisting with spiritual values
  • parenting coaching
  • care and nurture for people with stress and burnout
  • energetic clearing
  • life counselling and advice
  • metaphysical healing
  • energy healing
  • practice of rituals and habits to bring success
  • love and relationship coaching
  • friendship and social assistance coaching
  • mental wellness coaching
  • psychic medium
  • tarot card reading
  • oracle card reading
  • angel card reading
  • preparation of herbal and hoodoo preparations for success
  • crystal healing
  • house blessings
  • spirit and ghost removals
  • business blessings and removal of negative energies
  • removal of toxic energies from a person to enable physical, emotional and mental healing

Each session is tailored for individual needs according to what the life goals are

Each session costs $150 per hour and will require the client to follow a recommended program in order to gain the best output in his or her desired outcome.

Use the contact form in order to make a booking for a consultation. Credit card, paypal and bank deposit are accepted where available.