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T Shirt Marketing and Video Marketing

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T-Shirt Marketing

Creating Videos To Make Your Product Go Viral

So, I decided to make a test case, after doing a considerable amount of research and putting together a whole lot of information. T-shirt sales are reputed to be quite good in terms of sales volume, the key is to push your brand into as many channels as possible, and creating a viral marketing campaign so people can respond.

T-Shirt Design Platforms Like T-Spring Help Generate Sales Quickly

Teespring, is an online platform where you can upload your design, create a series of products, and generate a campaign with an expected number of sales, and be able to donate a portion to charity.  I found the interface on Teespring quite easy to use, however I did find that images had to be a certain resolution, so using an image resizing tool or something similar is quite a good way to ensure that the image is the right resolution.

During today I was looking for ways to create a passive income, and one that would generate one quite quickly. There are a few plans I need to make with regard to this campaign.

These include:

  • booking a Fiverr campaign in order to generate a number of traffic towards the video I created on YouTube
  • place some FaceBook ads to direct people straight to the t-shirt campaign
  • release a press release to a number of different websites
  • repeat social media promotion of the tshirt
  • write a blog article about selling products
  • cover Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Gumtree, Craigslist, Instagram and other social media platforms to create awareness of these tshirts
  • take note of the baseline awareness of these campaigns
  • make several videos about the tshirt and their advantages (ideally five videos helps make volume SEO)

Video Campaigns Help Launch Products With Ease

I created a video to initially launch the novelty t-shirt, and I am considering product placement with an influencer, although I did find somewhere that there is a book on how to get a significant amount of followers on social media. I was reading in a magazine recently that a lot of millenials are avoiding social media, and they are engaging more with video traffic. There are various sources of information around the Internet that video is the largest portion of traffic on the Internet, so utilising this to advertise, and to maximise SEO rankings is crucial.

The video didn’t have to be overly fancy, I used a bunch of stock images from Pixabay, and currently I am also pushing photographs to another website in order to generate passive income. I have a few different clients I am working with at the moment, doing SEO campaign development.

Every day has to be planned and executed, and you have to work on marketing your brand every single day. Getting more work is part of the deal as a freelancer. There are various places to get additional work, and job boards that list where you can get freelance work. I look on Pinterest for a lot of places in order to gain work. It is really important to have a portfolio of your work. This showcases what you are capable of, and always ask current clients if they can send you referrals.

Recently I gave away some free video work in order to get some referrals to other people wanting web development, SEO optimisation and social media campaigns. There is still some work in the pipelines. You have to be passionate about what you are doing, and ensure that you create your own marketing and promotional materials, ideally you should be also developing passive income streams, rather than simply driving other people’s SEO, marketing and social media campaigns or writing freelance content.

Videos are available on Fiverr, and these are easily put up and hosted on your own website. They are simply to obtain, and guarantee you will get a lot more traffic to your product, just ensure that you create content, not just simply advertising or infomercials.

Ideas for Making Money with YouTube Videos

I have seen quite a few methods of generating income with YouTube videos. Some content creators simply do vlogging, and this advertises their regular blog, where they may have an Amazon store, or a Shopify or Etsy store. The video blog, and the normal website function as content primers for their audience, helping to explain product and fluff the branding.

YouTube has the opportunity for you to monetize your videos, and receive passive income that way, though the last lot of metrics i checked, you have to generate a LOT of views in order to gain any kind of income, and also you have to repeatedly create content and push promotion to social media.

Other video bloggers have how-to channels; recently I was watching some manifestation and law of attraction videos, these people linked to their online courses and ebooks. Other people were creating videos on how to budget particular meals, and creating a series of a whole week of vegan friendly meals, and then the products that they were using they had bought on Amazon. It is not unlike an old fashioned Tupperware party, where the products were demonstrated, but they were clearly product promotions for their Amazon affiliate stores. They were excellent, because they showed authenticity, the video bloggers really did use these products, and genuinely found solutions in how to use them.

Marketing is About Creating Authentic Content

When you are looking at the psychographics and demographics of your audience, either for yourself, or for the people who you work for, it is absolutely imperative to understand their client base. If you understand what kind of issues they are wanting to solve, or if they are wanting products that make life easier, understand that. The best way to make money is to create solutions. Where I find interesting, and where I am currently experimenting with is funky meme t-shirts because apparently they are quite popular. They don’t quite fulfil a solution, but they make a statement, and create impact. Perhaps they are more about people wanting themselves to stand out as radicals.

T-Shirts are a Popular Sales Item With Consumers

Probably the largest number of one sole item I have in my wardrobe is a whole lot of t-shirts. I love them, I have an addiction for cute t-shirts, and from the research that I have done they are a huge selling item. There are even online courses about how to create t-shirt sales. 

The statistics for t-shirt sales on Etsy can be found on various case studies, and people often buy several styles of tees. With this in mind, I am going to be creating a series of the Johnson Tees, featuring similar artwork. Generally super fans want to buy more than one tee, and that can generate a series of income from multiple products.

The advantage of print on demand platforms such as Teespring are that you are not having to create the product yourself, you simply design it and it is put through the manufacturing process where it is printed on special machinery that is able to mass produce. A lot of e-publishing and paperback book platforms also exist for that now. There are so many ways that you can make money on the Internet, and creating a Tshirt Company is an incredible way to earn a lot of income doing something incredibly creative, yet so effortlessly simple.

Marketing Your T-Shirt Through Multiple Channels of Customer Engagement

There are a host of ways that people are now wanting to engage with businesses. Customers are wanting business owners to go live on Facebook, Snapchat is a way to interact with other people, Instagram is becoming a huge platform for business and social media. Influencers on social media are supposed to be the next best thing, and other companies are using bots to interact with their customers. Automated platforms are great, however they lack the creativity of a human touch, and that is still critical. In order to streamline your marketing ensure that your graphics are awesome, and then post across multiple social media channels using a software program such as Status Brew.

Another way to earn money designing t-shirts is to showcase your design on Fiverr, and design T-shirts for other people to promote. There could be a possibility of getting a group of people together who also desire to cross promote. T-shirts are an incredibly fun way to earn a living, and don’t require a lot of technical expertise. If you want a video for promoting your T-shirts, I can do those, just contact me at Almond Digital, or alternatively if you want a website, and SEO optimisation, I can get that organised for you. It is great to create product, it is another thing entirely to “monetise that shit.”

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