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Clear Negative Thoughts

Image of a shaman standing in the ocean getting guidance from the other realms

Self Sabotage Comes From Negative Thought Patterns

Negative thought patterns cause people a lot of grief. They lead to a host of problems, including financial, relational, spiritual, health and addiction problems. Negative thought patterns can be systematically removed through a committed mindset of engaging with a therapist or life coach in cognitive behavioural therapy. Bad programming results from parents and other people in our lives having pushed limiting beliefs onto us, causing dysfunction and stress in our adult lives.

The beliefs that we are programmed with as a child result in what we become as an adult, and as an adult, once we realised that these old thought problems no longer serve us, we can become healthier, whole and more successful adults. Ho’oponopono is a healing process that originated in Hawaii, and has been taught internationally. It helps erase all former programs and data that has come to no longer serve in your life.

Shaman Healing Services Speed Up Mental Healing Processes and Improve Results from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Ho’oponopono speeds up the process of cognitive behavioural therapy rapidly, and when a person attends a shamanic healing service either by video link (such as Skype, Messenger or Google Hangouts) or in person, to receive spiritual healing, their confronting problems are brought to the surface, and through both talk therapy and Ho-oponopono their negative thought processes, depression and anxiety are erased through the process of cleaning, which is performed by the shaman over the person. Many people who have received Ho’oponopono healing have reported much more success, health, prosperity and financial breakthroughs than through cognitive behavioural therapy or other methods.

Ho’oponopono was responsible for the closing of a psychiatric ward that no longer exists, because the therapy that was performed there healed all of the patients. The criminally insane patients were cleared on by Dr Hew Len, and he was contacted later by Dr Joe Vitale in order to write a book, and then a course was later created for certification of Ho’oponopono.

When combined with other healing modalities, including detoxification, drinking blue solar water, having the home environment and other personal objects and workplace cleaned, it can create a significantly more positive impact on a person’s life and their way of thinking. People become more successful, happier and enjoy life significantly more through being worked on by a shaman who practices Ho’oponopono. This will help clear negative thoughts and create a better way of life for a person. Image of a shaman standing in the ocean getting guidance from the other realms


Financial Problems Can Be Eliminated Through Removing Money Blocks

A lot of people have limiting beliefs that restrict them to one particular way of thinking, and they cannot get away from that mode of thinking. They have not been shown that there is another way of life, and this creates in them a desperation because they cannot see a way out of their problems. It is important to clear negative thoughts in order to have better beliefs and a better relationship with money.

Visiting a shaman who will conduct a consultation and design a healing process to enable you to be coached through having all of your financial problems eradicated and assist you in creating a healthy thought process in regard to money will help you create a better lifestyle.

Clients who have had businesses that have been cleared on using shamanic healing methods have experienced breakthroughs including ongoing income, a new release of clients, a huge increase in the number of enquiries, and this is also created in the dual reality of ongoing business coaching in order to help the client succeed if that is what they sincerely desire. Shamanic healing and other methods were used to help people clear negative thoughts.

Other ways that people have been assisted are:

  • having had shamanic healing prayer and rituals for the person, negative people and toxic energies have stayed away
  • people have maintained healing after receiving both western treatment and shamanic healing
  • couples who wanted babies were able to go through emotional healing in order to ready themselves to become parents
  • women who have been counselled who were formerly in domestic violence situations have been able to leave these situations and realise their own inherent worth and value
  • children have developed better relationships with their parents after getting clear negative thoughts in the family
  • people have experienced better health and overall life enjoyment
  • business owners and people wanting career changes have been able to be encouraged to be successful and go on towards this
  • people have reported their homes feeling better after receiving a home blessing and cleansing
  • business owners have attracted more money and got better client contracts after receiving shamanic healing


Energetic Clearing Removes Negative Thought Processes

Having a shamanic healing ritual involves very gentle coaching, and healing at a very deep level. It is regarding erasing the poor mental programming that results in a spiralling effect which can lead to a severe state of depression and distress.

The clearing process involved in Ho’oponopono is about helping people get back to a state of inspiration, and of completion and healing, and having peace within themselves, their thought processes and then with their outer worlds. Shamanic healing will clear negative thoughts.


Relieve Depression Through Removing Negative Thought Processes via Ho’oponopono

Depression results from extended periods of stress, chronic pain and distress. Family circumstances may have changed, or financial situations may have caused a person to fall into a period of difficulty, and this can be further cemented and the cycle of dysfunction perpetuated from negative thoughts persisting in the brain.

When a person wants to have their depression eased, and combines this with holistic therapies including shamanic healing as a support to supervision by a medical practitioner, ensuring that they see an exercise physiologist, some life coaching, and also receive counselling and nutritional support, perhaps also some time off this will result in significant healing.

Exercise, good nutrition, and engaging in spiritual practices have been shown to clearly help alleviated depression alongside with traditional pharmaceutical preparations.

Ho’oponopono is an incredible career opportunity for those considering becoming life coaches and healers, and Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Hew Len have created a course to enable people to use Ho’oponopono as part of their shamanic practice.