Tammy and Brad*

familyWe talked to the Stormwind Shaman over a year ago. Brad had a car accident about ten years ago, and was told he would be unable to have any more children. We had our oracle cards read by the Stormwind Shaman, and it came up in the cards that we would have a baby. We fell pregnant shortly after that, but after a car accident lost the pregnancy. Not long after though, Brad became really healthy, and I fell pregnant again. We are now expecting a beautiful healthy baby boy, after being blessed by the Stormwind Shaman, and our oracle cards being read, we feel grateful for her help and blessings.



soulmatesI met the Stormwind Shaman through a mutual friend. She had a sense that I had been using magick rituals to try to seduce women in order to gain their desire for me. I had tried to seduce the Stormwind Shaman using various rituals, but due to her intuition and ability to sense into the other worlds, she was able to prevent me from using any charms on her. We became friends, and I learned a lot from her. I was pining after my former lover, and was angry and resentful towards women. I was using women for my own personal gain, and feeling unhappy with my job. Through the Stormwind Shaman’s coaching, and consulting of the oracles, I have changed my career, now doing something I am happy with. She also has assured me that through personal growth and confronting some of the things in my life, I will have my soul mate restored to me, as I make space for her. I am now having very interesting spiritual occurrences in my house, like my soul mate’s photograph appearing on the fridge, and our song randomly playing on the music player. I feel assured that I will be married to the love of my life within the year. The Stormwind Shaman used a vortex, and a transformation ritual in order to change me from being a man with no confidence to now one with life goals, and quiet assurance.



I am a generous person, but have found a lot of people taking advantage of me, and pushing their problems onto me. The Stormwind Shaman has educated me about how to do space clearing, coached me on how to stop allowing people walk all over me. She has given me scripts on how to tell people that I have my own priorities and that I have my self worth. I have used Hoodoo oils and poppets in order to bring abundance to myself. In the manifesting rituals that the Stormwind Shaman has done for me, I have received necessary household objects, including appliances and furniture. I also have been protected from deceitful people as she did protection spells over me. I feel a lot more confidence about financial provision, and she has been able to help me determine a suitable career, and gave me the confidence and encouragement to get another job. She has taught me I am worthy and deserving of being respected and well paid. She has taught me about abundance mentality.

Names changed for privacy.